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                Resume work and production
                Source:Polyshine   Time:4/9/2020   Clicks:1905

                Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Favor Union has been complying with the government's epidemic prevention regulations, and has always put the health and safety at first.

                According to the notice of Dongguan Epidemic Prevention Command Office, Favor Union resumed work on 2 / 10

                Before returning to work, the Administration Department has done a lot of preparatory work, with sufficient protective materials such as temperature measuring gun, mask, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc.

                The production line is sterilized every day, the staff isolation operation reduces the personnel contact, the workshop increases the ventilation equipment to ensure the air circulation.

                The number of dining people should be not exceeded 20person one time, and the dining team shall be separated to avoid the staff gathering. During the dining, keeping 1 meter destence to reduce the communication. These measures have played an effective role in prevention and control.

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