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                Product Detail

                Series FSE11
                Package diameter 12mm
                Operating Direction
                Bushing material
                Number of Gangs
                Life cycle 1 million cycles
                Switch Option N/A
                Detent Option N/A
                Temperature ppm/℃
                Tolerance +/-20%
                Shaft material
                Life cycle
                Operating type Rotary
                Power rating 0.1W
                Lever length
                Specification Document download

                1.Compliant to reflow high peak temperature lead free soldering

                2.Excellent resistance materials and high reliability wiper achieves 1 million Cycles

                3.Ultra-thin size,(2.2mm height)

                Electrical characteristics
                Resistance Range  1K~100K
                Total Resistance Tolerance  ±20%
                Taper Style  B taper
                Power Rated  0.1W
                Linearity  ± 2%
                Rotational Noise  Less than 80mv
                T.C.R  ±500ppm /°C
                Mechanical characteristics
                Effective electrical Angle  333± 3°
                Rotational Torque  0~30gf.cm
                Push-pull Strength of Shaft  Over 1.0kgf for 10 seconds min
                Total Rotational Angle  360° (Endless)
                Environmental characteristics
                Storage Temperature -40°C to + 120°C
                Operating Temperature -40°C to + 70°C
                Life Cycles  1,000,000 Cycles Min
                Dry Heat  120 ±3°C .250±8H △TR:± 20%,Linearity:± 2%
                Cold -40± 3°C, 168±4H △TR±20 %,Linearity:± 2%
                Humidity  60± 2°C, 90~95RH, 250±8H △TR:± 20 %,Linearity:± 2% 
                Temperature Cycles -40.C~+120°C, 5cycles △TR:±20 %,Linearity:±2%

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