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                Product Detail

                Series FSE28
                Package diameter 17mm
                Operating Direction
                Bushing material
                Number of Gangs
                Life cycle 200K cycles
                Switch Option N/A
                Detent Option N/A
                Temperature ppm/℃
                Tolerance +/-20%
                Shaft material
                Life cycle
                Operating type Rotary
                Power rating 0.1W
                Lever length
                Specification Document download

                1.FR-4 element materials compliant to flow high peak temperature lead free soldering.

                2.Long life,over 200,000 Cycles .

                Electrical characteristics
                Resistance Range  1K~100K
                Total Resistance Tolerance  ±20%
                Taper Style  B taper
                Power Rated  0.1W
                Linearity  ±2%
                Contact Noise  Within 10% TR
                Rated Voltage  DC 5V±0.5V
                Mechanical characteristics
                Electrical Angle  250°±3
                Rotational Torque  0~50gf.cm
                Push Pull Strength of Shaft  1.0kgf for 10 seconds min
                Total Rotational Angle  360° (Endless)
                Typical Applications
                HAVC sensor
                Rotary Angle Sensor
                Environmental characteristics
                Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
                Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
                Life Cycles  200,000 Cycles Min
                Dry Heat  +85±3°C, 168±4H △TR : ±40%,Linearity:±3%
                Cold -40±3°C, 168 ±4H △TR:±40%,Linearity:±3 %
                Humidity  60±20°C, 90~95RH, 100±4H △TR:±40%,Linearity:±3%
                Temperature Cycles -40°C~+85°C, 5cycles △TR:± 40 %,Linearity:±3 %




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