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                Product Detail

                Series F13E
                Package diameter 13mm
                Operating Direction Horizontal
                Bushing material
                Number of Gangs
                Life cycle 10K
                Switch Option N/A
                Detent Option N/A
                Temperature ppm/℃
                Pulse 12
                Shaft material Plastic
                Life cycle
                Operating type
                Power rating
                Lever length
                Specification Document download

                1. Thin type of Rotary incremental encoders for electronic equipments such as laptop and mini-UAVs

                2. Endless 360 degree rotation with 12 pulses output

                3. SMD, reflow soldering compliance

                Electrical characteristics
                Roated Power  DC5V, 10mA(1mA min.)
                Fluttering t1,t3<=3ms
                Insulation Resistance  1MΩ Min.
                Withstand Voltage  1minute at AC 20V 1 mA
                Sliding Noise T2,<=2ms
                Phase Difference △T >=0.08t
                Resolution  12/360° for each output channel
                Mechanical characteristics
                Total Rotation Angle  360° continuous
                Rotational Torque  0~5.0 mN.m
                Push-Pull Strength Pull:2N MIn; Push:5 N Min.
                Endurance characteristics
                Rotational Life  Standard life:10,000 cycles 
                Total Temperature range -10°C ~ +70°C
                Dry Heat  70±3°C , 240±10hr.
                Cold  -10±3°C ,240±10hr.
                Damp Heat  40±2°C, RH90~95% , 240±10hr.
                Vibration 10HZ~55HZ~10HZ,6hr



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