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                Product Detail

                Series FJR06K
                Package diameter 11
                Operating Direction Horizontal
                Bushing material
                Number of Gangs
                Life cycle 1 million cycles
                Switch Option Y
                Detent Option
                Temperature ppm/℃
                Shaft material Metal
                Life cycle
                Operating type
                Power rating
                Lever length
                Specification Document download

                1.      Miniature dimensions of 11mm * 11mm * 6mm

                2.      Switch function available

                3.      Perfect for portable gaming devices


                Electrical characteristics
                Total Resistance  10KΩ
                Total Resistance Tolerance  ± 20% 
                Resistance Taper  B taper
                Rated Power  Taper B: 0.0125W
                Withstand Voltage  1 minute at AC 250V
                Insulation Resistance  More than 100MΩat DC 250V for 1 minute
                Max. Operating Voltage  Taper B: AC 50V or DC 5.0V
                Noise Less than 300mV
                Voltage Dicider Error 38%~62%
                Mechanical characteristics
                Figure of lever operation  Circular Operating
                Stopper Strength  3.0Kgf.cm Min 3Sec.
                Operating angle of lever  50°MAX
                Push-Pull Strength  Push/Pull: 5.0Kgf Min 3Sec.
                Operating Force  140±50gf.cm
                Accuracy of rest position  ±5°
                Rotational Life  1Million Cycles Min.
                Operating Temperature Range -30°~+80°
                Tact Switch specification
                Ratings  5 V DC, 5mA 
                Operating Force  750±150gf.cm 
                Travel  0.35+0.25/-0.1mm
                Operating life  200,000 Cycles min

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